Publishing in Flare – Best Practice Suggestions

I’ve recently had to look into best practices regarding the use of the Publishing feature in Flare, so I thought I’d share.

For those not familiar with this feature, Publishing allows you to copy your Flare output to selected destination. Getting the process in place takes a number of steps, all of which are nicely outlined in the “Publishing Out to Destinations” chapter in MadCap’s Targets Guide.

  1. There is no reason to include “Build destinations” on your publishing tab.
  2. The build destination is the destination set in the Output Folder field on the general tab – period.
  3. MadCap strongly recommends you build to a local destination. Building to a network destination will substantially slow the build process, the smallest network hiccup with kill the process, and the process with often error or time out, so in the end, no build/no publish.
  4. To build and publish with just one click, on the Publishing tab, make sure you have a destination created and selected, and then click Publish. If there is not an up-to-date build to publish, Flare will ask you if you want to build first. Just say yes and you’ve covered both processes with the one click.

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