Automate Building & Publishing in Flare

If you’re like me, you have several Flare targets that you need to build and publish with some regularity. Our solution has been to use Flare batch targets to identify these targets then create a .bat file and use Windows Task Scheduler to set dates and times to run and publish the builds.

Thanks to a recent addition to Flare, we can now skip the .bat step and set Task Scheduler from the batch target in Flare.

  1. In the Destinations folder in Flare’s Project Organizer, create a destination for each publishing location.
  2. Create all necessary targets, making sure to set the publishing destination on the Publishing tab.
  3. Create a batch target
    1. Right click on the Targets folder
    2. Select Add Batch Target. The new batch target appears, displaying all targets in the project.
  4. Locate all targets you want to build and publish at the same time and select the Build and Publish checkbox for each.
  5. Select the Schedule tab in the Batch Target Editor.
  6. Click New and enter the days and times you want the selected targets to build and publish.

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