My goal here is to share what I know/what I learn about working in the world of technical communication. A good deal of my blog posts focus on the authoring/help-generating tool Madcap Flare, but I also share information on the broader topics associated with the tech com field.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Denise Kadilak, and I have worked in tech com for over 19 years. My responsibilities over this time have varied, from creating and maintaining 1000s of pages of user-end documentation; to something of a technical-project lead investigating new tools, best practices, and workflows for a 22-member documentation team; to my current position of Information Architect/Team Manager. Also, about four years ago, I led my team’s move from Adobe FrameMaker to MadCap Flare – a fun and intense time for everyone.

I also present with some regularity at industry conferences, such as MadWorld, Content Marketing World, STC Summit, and Content Management Strategy and DITA North American.

I hope you find my topics and my credentials interesting enough to regularly visit this blog – maybe even to consider subscribing to it!

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