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Using Multiple MasterPages in Flare

I often hear folks complain about being limited to one MasterPage per target in MadCap Flare. Although it is true you can select only one MasterPage per target, you can, however, assign MasterPages at the topic level. For example, in my case I provide popup help in the UI, and for the popups, I don’t want breadcrumbs or a mini TOC. So I created a separate “PopUp” MasterPage that I assign to topics used for the popup help. Here’s how you do it.

  1. Create an additional MasterPage.
  2. In the Master Stylesheet associated with your output, right click on the HTML style and click “Add Class”.
  3. Give the new HTML class a name. This will be the style class used for the second master page.
  4. In the new HTML class, click “Show: Property Groups” from the drop-down and find “mc-master-page” in the “Unclassified” section.
  5. Set the mc-master-page property to the new masterpage you have created.
  6. Save the stylesheet.
  7. Open the Topic you would like to use the new MasterPage.
  8. Right-click on the HTML structure bar and select “Style Class” and click on the html.class that you just created.
  9. Save your changes and rebuild the target.
  10. Flare will use the new masterpage for any Topics associated with that html.class and the MasterPage you use in your target will respect the topic-level selections.


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